How I work

There are lots of different types of therapy. I’m an integrative therapist. This means I draw from a variety of approaches - including body psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, person centred counselling and existential therapy. How I work depends on who I’m working with. Every relationship is different.

I work in a relational way. I believe it's the relationship between us that makes therapy effective. So as well as listening to what is going on in your life and exploring what happened in the past, I'm interested in what is going on between us right now. We all have a tendency to recreate old patterns in our relationships and friendships. In therapy, we can find out more about these patterns as they occur between us. Together we can understand what is happening and you can try out new ways of being yourself.

When we’re growing up, we can get cut off from certain feelings or parts of ourselves that we feel are unacceptable to other people. We can grow up to become the person we believe we "should" be, rather than feeling free to be who we really are. This can cause a great deal of pain and lead to us feeling dissatisfied, anxious or simply “wrong”. I will do my best to be open to all the different parts of you, even the things you don’t think anyone else could bear to see. Over time, this can help you grow to feel more accepting of yourself and more connected to others.

Who I am

I have a diploma in integrative counselling from the Minster Centre in London. I'm currently completing an MA in integrative psychotherapy and counselling at the Minster Centre. I'm a registered member of the British Association of Counselling Practitioners and I abide by their ethical principles.

I trained as a therapist after a first career in journalism. I came to realise that I cared much more about the people caught up in the news stories than I did about the stories themselves. 

*The images on this site are close up photographs of leaves by the artist Daniela Fox.